We understand that a lack of childcare may be a barrier to receiving adequate peer supportive counseling, in which we offer free childcare to program participants.

Conflict Resolution 

We assist program participants with managing difficult situations i.e conflicts inner/external.

Anger Management

We provide anger management supportive group sessions in conjunction with ongoing mentorship, to assist individuals and families with developing healthier coping strategies to assist with day-to day stressors.

Life Skills Training 

Everyond deserves the opportunity to develop win-win strategies for peer confrontations, family scenarios, or social problems. Participants can also receive tips on social etiquette, career development, driving safety, technology training and developing positive personal relationships. Wewill also conduct a series of healthy lifestyles workshops which will explore subjects such as teenage pregnancy, HIV-AIDS awareness, healthy diets, exercise programs, driving safety and personal hygiene.

Motivational Speakers

Speakers from all walks of life will be presented to participants in an effort to inspire and educate them during group sessions.

Workshops and Seminars

We provide a wide range of workshops that assist families improve their social and academic behavior. These sessions are designed to improve oral communication and build self-confidence.

Relationship Academy 

We assist families with navigating the sometimes difficult world of dating and marriage. We also help families recover from relationship breakups caused by divorce and domestic violence.


Mentorship is essential to our programs and services, as they provide community support. *Mentoring is assigned to participants on an as needed basis*

Supportive & Group Counseling

H.E.R.E Center provides short-term counseling for accepted applicants. Each session will be guided by a unique self-awareness topic and is followed by the following techniques: Active listening, empathy, and guidance in the areas of work, home, finances, and health.

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Hope/Esperanza Restoration and Empowerment Center, Inc (DBA) H.E.R.E Center is a registered 501(C) (3) Non-Profit Organization