The Shirley Petway Foundation

The Shirley Petway Foundation is dedicated to helping those is Ward8 achieve their academic goals.


Shirley Petway

The H.E.R.E. Center has an unwavering dedication to listening to the voice of families near and far. One way we plan to elevate our mission is to honor a fellow Washingtonian from Southeast DC, Shirley Petway. As a child, Shirley experienced sexual assault that resulted in the displacement from her family home and drug abuse.


She always dreamed of pursuing a career as a nurse, but later developed diabetes which resulted in the amputation of her limbs, leaving her feeling hopeless. Shirley dedicated her life to sharing her story with women throughout her community and assisting with reaching their health education goals. At the age of 56, Shirley is at peace with her story and wants to share it with the world. The H.E.R.E. Center heard the voice of Shirley Petway and has decided to start a foundation to help Shirley Petway shares her story with many and change the lives of families residing in Southeast Washington, DC.


The H.E.R.E. Center will provide each applicant with a $500+ scholarship for schooling in the medical field.


All applicants must provide an essay of no more than 1500 words. This essay should explain each applicant’s story, listing how they were affected by trauma, where they are in their process and how they overcame. Each applicant must be a Washingtonian and interested in working in the healthcare field. We still start accepting applications in April. Stay tuned for how you can apply and ways you can nominate aspiring healthcare professionals. 


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